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On-Demand Webinar – A look at the Future of Patient Engagement


Listen in as our team of industry experts discuss how the future of patient engagement will help healthcare organizations overcome key challenges. Automated solutions—especially those that make better patient outreach possible—have never been more important to improving the overall patient experience and profitability for hospitals and healthcare systems. Our diverse panel cover the present and future of automated patient engagement and the impact it can have on patients and your bottom line.

  • Vik Krishnan, General Manager at TeleVox
  • Kamal Anand, Chief Product Officer
  • Starla Joyner, Director of Client Engagement at TeleVox and  former  Patient Access Manager and Director
  • Vijay Verma, Former Head of Emerging Technology and Transformation at CHOP, and HealthTech and Digital Transformation Evangelist

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