Customer Success Story

Cambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge Health's Story

Like many healthcare providers in North America, Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA)
 in Massachusetts understands the importance of investing in technology
that enhances the overall patient experience. One way they have accomplished
this is by streamlining the communications process with the loved-ones of their
patients during and after medical procedures using HouseCalls Pro Gateway. In this success story, their Senior Applications Specialist discusses the smooth implementation process for HouseCalls Pro Gateway, improved patient logistics and staff efficiencies, and the platform's helpful reporting functionality. To download the full story, click here!

HouseCalls Pro Gateway enables organizations with an EPIC electronic health record (EHR) system to leverage Cadence, MyChart and OpTime to deliver timely patient information and updates in the patient’s preferred language and communication channel (text, email, and phone). Prior to adopting HouseCalls Pro Gateway, CHA took a manual approach to communicate surgical procedure updates to patient contacts. This included requiring interpreter services for their Spanish and Portuguese speaking patient base and needing to make manual phone calls (they often couldn’t reach their contacts at all). After implementing HouseCalls Pro Gateway, they saw a variety of benefits.

“It has really helped coordinate with rides. Family members drop the patients off
and eventually they get the message that their family member is in recovery
and know it’s time to head back into the hospital to pick them up. That is very
helpful.” Claudia Andrade, Senior Applications Specialist at CHA


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