Full-Journey Patient Relationship Management

Give your patients the conversational, actionable, and persistent engagement experience they demand at every step of their healthcare journey. 

Committed to building strong patient relationships.
Take Patient Relationships to New Heights with TeleVox

Developing and maintaining strong patient relationships goes far beyond mere transactions and notifications. It requires actionable, persistent, and enabling engagement through the entire patient journey. With TeleVox’s EHR-integrated Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform, we are able to help health providers build trust, loyalty, and better health outcomes among their patient base. 

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Happier, healthier patients. 
Improved Patient Outcomes and Experiences

Proper PRM requires more than episodic engagement. TeleVox’s industry-leading PRM platform fosters stronger relationships by taking a proactive and patient-centric approach to automated engagement throughout the entire patient journey. This leads to better-informed patients, improved appointment preparedness and medical adherence, and, ultimately, happier and healthier patients.

Activation & Discovery

✔ Seamless scheduling

✔ Inbound patient access
 and routing

✔ Care Gap Prevention


✔ Appointment reminders

✔ Timely appointment instructions

✔ Easy rescheduling with AI

Day of Visit

✔ Patient intake and payments

✔ Speedy check-in

✔ Wayfinding and instructions


✔ Disease and condition management

✔ Post-procedure instructions

✔ Patient check-ins and care management

Hit your numbers.
Achieving Financial Success Through Patient Success

When your patients do well, so does your healthcare organization. By giving patients the experience and care they’ve come to expect from the consumer side of their lives, healthcare organizations will see increased ROI from improved patient loyalty, increased referrals, and enhanced reputation. TeleVox’s platform is committed.


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